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Share Your Favorites on Facebook
Posted by Barrett on 29 Nov 2010 00:06 GMT.
A Facebook "Like" button has been added to each file page. Go ahead and "like" your favorite files in order to share them with your Facebook friends.
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XKCD - 1996
Posted by Barrett on 18 Jul 2010 21:56 GMT.
Today's XKCD comic gives us a friendly reminder of why we should all love our favorite graphing calculator company. Or maybe not.

It should be noted that there are several inaccuracies in the comic. Points to anyone who finds them.
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3D Curveball Released
Posted by Barrett on 9 Apr 2010 14:10 GMT.
3D Curveball version 1.93 is now available for Android. A description and screenshots can be found here, and it can be downloaded from the Android Market; just search for "3D Curveball" in the market itself.

This game is heavily based on 3D Pong by the same author and for the same platform. The major difference is that you control the spin of the ball as opposed to the direction of the ball.

Don't have an Android device? Get one.
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3D Pong for Android
Posted by Barrett on 2 Apr 2010 11:10 GMT.
3D Pong version 1.92 is now available for Android. A description and screenshots can be found here, and it can be downloaded from the Android Market; just search for "3D Pong" in the market itself.

It is simply a 3D implementation of the classic Pong game. It also features multi-player support over a Wi-Fi network.
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Uploading your files
Posted by tifreak8x on 13 Sep 2009 12:45 GMT.
We would like to remind all of our contributors to the archive that when uploading one of your fantastic games or programs, that we require a readme file to be present within the zip file.

Any good readme contains:

Contact info
Description of program functions
How to properly install your files to their calculators or computer
Controls to make the program work
Credit where credit is due

We thank you for submitting your files and look forward to continuing to be your source for your calculator needs.

Any questions regarding this can be directed to our forums.
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External Website Headlines Now on Home Page
Posted by Barrett on 17 Jul 2009 19:11 GMT.
We'll now post headlines from other websites (starting with right here on our home page. This way you'll be less likely to miss great news from around the community. Enjoy.
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Bluetooth Communication on the TI-84+
Posted by allynfolksjr on 11 Apr 2009 19:22 GMT.
Brandon Wilson has recently been working on bluetooth implementation on the TI-84+/SE series, and today released a video showing two calculators seeing each other via bluetooth. The adaptor driver is called Blue8x.
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