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Alpha Graphics 1.0

File Information
Name: Alpha Graphics 1.0
Filesize: 3 kB
Downloads: 1194
Date added: Mar 30, 2004
Platform: TI-83+/SE
Language: Basic
File Type: Program
Category: Graphics
Last modified: Mar 30, 2004
TI-83+/SE BASIC Programs
TI-84+/SE BASIC Programs

Shell: None
Rating: 6.1 (Above Average)/10 based on 7 votes.
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File Website: There is no website dedicated to this title.
Author(s): Larry Bucio

File Description:  A great graphics program that can be used to create some cool pics for your game. It has cool menues not those boring BASIC Menu's. Creates Rectangles, triangles, lines, points, inverts the screen, fills in items and much more!It is also small and runs way fast! A MUST DOWNLOAD!!! Uses your Pic 0 when drawing though inculdes saving and loading pics!

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Nifty Little Drawing Tool
Of 1 person, 1 found this review helpful.
Review by: mrperson Reviewed on: April 16, 2004 at 02:43:44 PM
Graphics/Interface: 9/10 Nice drawing animations
Playability/Usability: 9/10 Useful tools indeed
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 10/10
Controls/Interface: 7/10 controls are confusing
Overall Value: 10/10 cool little gadget
This is a fairly neat little tool that makes drawing a bit easier. Some of the functions are simple ones that are the same ones the calculator can do itself. But some things are made easier, such as lines and circles. And the fill tool is invaluable for quick filling! Unfortunately, it takes a bit to learn the controls. The 2nd key is used a lot. A very worthwhile download!

Of 1 person, 0 found this review helpful.
Review by: hawkeye Reviewed on: April 10, 2004 at 06:14:16 PM
Graphics/Interface: 8/10 Decent for an art program.
Playability/Usability: 8/10 Not too tough to figure out.
Replay Value/Reuse Value: 8/10 Good, because you can make a bunch of different things with it.
Controls/Interface: 9/10 Easy to understand.
Overall Value: 8/10 Figure if you like making graphics, then you should check this out.
Not too good at doing review's, and there wasn't one for this, so I figured I'd do one. This program is pretty cool. Just start it up, select new, choose your tool, and bam, your at work in no time. Once I figured out all the controls, how it saves, and stuff like that, I was able to use it to do a bunch of different kinds of pictures.

This also works great with the Start-Up program from TI, because you can create your own pics, then use them on start up. I personally have used mine to display a picture that has my name on start up so my calculator is identifiable to hopefully make thieves think twice before stealing it at school and places like that.

Thanks to the creator for this fun little gadget.

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