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File Information
Name: Standoff
Filesize: 5 kB
Downloads: 1277
Date added: Jul 22, 2002
Platform: TI-89
Language: Assembly
File Type: Game
Category: Arcade
Last modified: Jul 23, 2002
TI-89 Assembly Games

Shell: Nostub
Rating: 7.2 (Good)/10 based on 4 votes.
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File Website: There is no website dedicated to this title.
Author(s): Barrett Anderson

File Description:  This is two player shooting game via link cable!! You control a spacecraft and you simply shoot at the other guy until you or him dies!! This game never gets one sided because if you are losing, your missiles shoot faster. Every time you get hit, it takes one less frame between missile fires. This is a very fun game if you know someone with a TI-89 (goes way slower on VTI).

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